Transcriptome Data Generation


What is Transcriptome Data Generation?

Following are the some reason to use our XpressionSuite:

XpresssionSuite, developed by the TavLabs at Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology Delhi (IIIT-Delhi), is a user-friendly web-based platform designed for the advanced analysis of gene expression data. The platform offers a comprehensive set of analysis modules based on state-of-the-art algorithms, enabling users to gain valuable insights into their data. One of the key features of XpresssionSuite is its ability to analyze large-scale gene expression datasets, employing advanced statistical techniques to identify differentially expressed genes, pathways, and gene sets. Interactive visualization tools, including heatmaps, scatterplots, and volcano plots, facilitate data exploration and interpretation. With the increasing volume of genomic data, gene expression analysis has become an essential task for researchers in the field of genomics. However, the complexity of analyzing such data requires specialized skills and knowledge. XpresssionSuite simplifies gene expression analysis by providing an intuitive and user-friendly interface, along with a variety of tools and resources. The platform encompasses functionalities such as pre-processing, normalization, differential expression analysis, gene set enrichment analysis, and network analysis. Additionally, it facilitates data visualization, aiding researchers in the interpretation of gene expression patterns. XpresssionSuite serves as a valuable resource for researchers, empowering them to efficiently analyze and explore gene expression data in their quest for biological insights.



Transcriptome data generation

Capture and analyze RNA transcripts.

Advanced technologies

Utilize high-throughput sequencing for accurate results.

Comprehensive analysis

Uncover gene expression patterns and regulatory insights.

High quality dataset for studies

You will work on approved and high quality data.

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With the following team we are able to build the XpressionSuite

Tavpritesh Sethi


MBBS, PhD,Assistant Professor CB, Founding Head at Center of Excellence in Healthcare, IIIT-Delhi

Anjali Sharma

Masters Student

Masters Student at IIITD | CosyLabs | TavLabs | RayLabs | Tech Lead @ BioBytes


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